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Are You An Avid Phone-Photographer? Here Are 7 Tips To Click The Most Like-Worthy Photographs

Gone are the days when only the ones with a DSLR camera were called photographers! Nowadays, thanks to smartphone cameras, with just a wee bit of extra thought and knack, even you and I can totally ace the photography game like a pro. Whether you blog it, share it on social media or simply keep it as memoirs, a picture is meant to be captured in a way that the story behind it is beautifully conveyed. And that’s why using the right technique matters. So, we’ve jotted down some quick tips that will help you increase the quality of your clicks and capture some like-worthy and eye-catching photographs on your next outing.

1. Focus On One Subject At A Time


The most important factor in a picture is your subject. So, ensure that while clicking, the subject is in focus (just tap on the screen to optimize the lighting). To create an impactful emphasis, leave out at least 2/3rd of the photograph as negative space. Or just don’t fill the entire space with the subject alone, unless it is a portrait.

2. Use The Rule Of Third To Define Your Frame


Now when your frame is well-balanced, it creates a natural appeal to the viewers to interact with the image and is easy to the eye. Just turn on the camera’s gridlines and align your frame by breaking it equally in thirds (nine parts in total). And make sure that the subject is in alignment with the gridlines, in order to balance the shot.

3. Use A Bunch Of DIY Hacks Now And Then


To add extra effects to the photograph, you can try DIY hacks instead of shelling out extra bucks for equipment. For example, you can set up your own miniature studio with just a black tile, two torch lights covered with white cloth and your smartphone. You can even try aerial photography with a helium balloon! Can you beat that? You can do a lot innovatively; just think out-of-the-box.

4. Look Out For Different Perspectives To Click


To click something unique and attractive, change the perspective (different from how a normal viewer would have imagined). You can click from different angles, like a bird’s eye view, slightly downward angle or a completely upward view. The illusion of depth or height created actually makes the image stand out.

5. Use The Negative Spaces In The Frame


So basically, ‘negative space’ is just the space around the subject which is a vast expanse of empty space. It could be a huge wall, sky, water and likewise anything which is a uniform pattern. When you have the subject as the only focus, with a beautiful and pleasing-to-the-eye negative space behind, it will instantly add an extra professional appeal to your picture.

6. Play With Your Lenses To Choose Your Frame


Take a moment to visualize the final picture, and judge before you choose your frame and click. For example, if you are at a monumental site, and you want to capture the intricate designs on the ceilings, you will need to switch to a wide-angle lens to capture it in totality. Whereas, if you are working on a food shot, you can just use the normal lens and use the rule of third to click a neat, symmetrical shot.

7. Get Totally Non-Conventional With A Phone That Has A Dual-Camera


The idea of photography is to just convey your thoughts in the most interesting and visually-attracting way! So, while you are at a lookout in your surroundings for unique patterns, the one thing you need is a smartphone with defined built-in features for photography. Something like Panasonic’s new Eluga Ray 500, which has a dual camera would be a great bet. With this, you can easily switch between the 120-degree ultra-wide angle 8MP camera, and the 13MP camera, to capture the perfect shot. And if you get too bored, it even has a 5MP camera for those adventurous selfies too!

So, ready to start clicking? Start by investing on the right tool for your phone-photography! Apart from the features mentioned above, the Panasonic Eluga Ray 500 has a 5” HD On-Cell display too that allows sharper image clarity, thereby making clicks look even more professional. To back it up, the 1.25 GHz Quad-Core processor, 3GB RAM and a 4000 mAh battery, makes it totally unstoppable! With this, you can really convey your stories through pictures, just as it is. 

The Panasonic Eluga Ray 500 is available in Mocha Gold, Marine Blue and Champagne Gold. Now just order one for yourself already, or gift one to your photographer friend!

Get clicking!

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