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10 Glassy, Crystalline Places and Sites in the world


Crystals and glasses are fascinating. They sometimes let us look straight through them to what is on the other side, and sometimes, they show us our own reflection. They offer clarity, sheen and iridescence. Sometimes, they just add colors to the world. Anything crystalline or glassy has always had the …

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10 Most Stunning Places You Really Love To Sit There


Here is list of top 10 stunning places you really love to sit there. The best place like natural pools in Turkey, Cave Pool in Satorini, Hanging Cocoon Hammock in Philippines, Infinity Pool in Singapore, Kayak in Glacier Bay, swing in the sea shore and more beautiful places all over …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches around the World


Beaches are the Valium of the travel world. They soothe, they relax, they make you realize that “real life” occasionally needs escaping. There are very few people immune to the magical lure of the beach. Whether you’re keen on sunbathing, sports, or exploring the underwater world or simply contemplating the …

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10 Countries With Most Slaves Per Capita


The most brutal reality around the world is Modern slavery. Here we’ve compiled a list of 10 countries with most slaves per capita. This list is based on the facts and figures that defined in Global Slavery Index by Walk Free. According to Global Slavery Index, there are estimated 46 …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Palaces in World


A palace is a grand residence, especially a royal residence or the home of a head of state or some other high-ranking dignitary, also homes of kings and emperors. These splendid palaces are among the Most Famous  Monuments in the World. These amazing monuments were once the homes of kings and emperors, now popular tourist …

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Top 10 Highest Mountains in the World


The world’s tallest mountains are some of the most majestic and beautiful things that one can be blessed enough to witness in their lifetime. They are all located in Asia and each reach an altitude of over 8000 meters above sea level. Here is list of top 10 highest mountains …

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Top 10 Haunted Places in Alabama


There are numerous reportedly haunted places in the United States. But, today we listed here some notable most haunted places in Alabama – The U.S. states. This is a top ten list of locations that are reportedly haunted by ghosts or other supernatural beings including demons. Reports of haunted locations …

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15 of the Most Wonderful Trees in The World


Even common trees are amazing enough, but some trees are just spectacular, whether by their sheer size, age or shape or through mysterious properties they seem to possess. There are probably hundreds of majestic and magnificent trees in the world – of these, some are particularly special. Here we present some …

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