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Amy Leigh-Quine’s Hump Day Motivation Workout


Fitness Gurls Athlete and fitness competitor Amy Leigh-Quine Hump Day Workout. Amy shows you one of her glute workout routines that helped her become a WBFF Pro and one of the top up-and-coming fitness personalities today. Amy Leigh-Quine’s Hump Day Workout:3 x 10 Reverse Hack Squats4 x 12, 10, 8, …

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Daily Calorie Intake Control – Fitness Gurls Magazine


Your ideal daily calorie intake depends upon various factors such as your age, activity level and whether you are trying to lose, gain or maintain weight. During the past two decades, obesity has doubled in the United States and much the same is true of other countries. If people do …

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Build Big Strong Shoulder Muscles For V-Shape


Most people think that in order to get that V-shaped upper body like comic book superheroes, they only have to develop big broad back muscles and lats. Well, by having broad back muscles and well-developed lats is only part of the equation to get a V shape upper body. For …

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10 Powerful Keys To Healing Yourself


1. Be PresentLive in the now. The past is gone. You can never go back and make it right. You can never re-live a life that was yesterday. Live positively in the present moment, no matter what is occurring. It is All right and perfect. Do not look ahead and …

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Marvellous Minerals – Fitness Gurls Magazine


A mineral is a kind of micronutrient that is essential for good health. All minerals are inorganic substances absorbed from the earth by plants and cannot be produced by plants or animals. The body utilizes over eighty of these chemicals. They are vital for the growth and production of bones, …

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Workout To Get In Shape For Summer


If you’re going to get in shape for summer, you are probably wondering what types of exercises to get in shape for summer are the most effective. Well, first of all, you should realize that getting into shape for summer requires more than just losing weight. Unless you’ve been toning …

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How can I Stay Motivated when it comes to Home Exercise?


An exercise workout program is not going to be successful for anyone unless they can stay motivated and focused on their goal. Home exercise can be even more challenging than other types of available exercise because there are not as many factors inside the home to act in an encouraging …

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