Tuesday , December 12 2017
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Heather Marsh’s How to Build Sexy Arms


Heather Marsh has one of the most beautiful and inspiring physiques in the fitness industry. She’s a mother, a WBFF Pro Competitor and she shares her secrets on how to get gorgeous and sexy arms this session. Related Article: 11 Questions with Heather Marsh There are three main ways to …

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Foam Rolling Techniques: 4 Steps


Different foam rolling techniques: Why the fuss? It seems as though the best way to foam roll is in the name—roll. Rolling back and forth does have some merit and support from the scientific community. In a recently published review of foam rolling, Kalichman and David (2017) examined 42 studies …

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3 Ways to Maximize Short Workouts


Many of you know that I keep my workouts concise nowadays. A stark contrast to the beginnings of this blog when I mainly ran long distance! So, here are three ways I maximize my workouts, because every minute counts when you’re a mom of young children. 1. Move all day …

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10 Shocking Things Found Inside Human Body


We all think that we know about our body very well but still some things which go beyond our expectations and happen without our permission. For instance a heart attack or appendicitis happens suddenly, know what these conditions are capable of and they do give a prior warning which some …

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Why Am I Gaining Weight When I Eat Healthily?


You might assume that by eating healthy, you’ll automatically drop those extra pounds or won’t ever gain weight. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. It can be frustrating because you may feel like you’re doing everything right but not seeing the results you want and expect. One major problem—that I …

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Total Body Push-Pull Dumbbell Workout


Grab a set of heavy-ish dumbbells for this total body, push-pull dumbbell workout. The Workout Whenever I create a total body workout, I think about balance. I want movements to compliment one another, so where there is a “push,” there will also be a “pull.” Likewise, I try program efficient workouts …

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Tricks for Making the Best Picks at the Farmers Market


These days, farmers markets full of edible riches are popping up faster than dandelions on a pesticide-free lawn. Piling your plate high with their fresh fruits and vegetables offers a hearty helping of health benefits: among them, reduced risk of serious health conditions, greater nutrition and more. It’s easy to …

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Get Fired Up About Healthier Grilling Practices


Grilling seems as easy as pressing an ignition switch and adding food. But if you want to serve up a nutritionally balanced meal that will fuel your performance (and protect your health), you’ll need to be a bit more mindful about it. This cooking method does keep your kitchen cool …

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Stephanie Marie Leg Day Motivation


To work your outer thighs, set the pulley at the lowest level, stand with your left side facing the machine and put the cuff around your right ankle. Hold on to the machine with your left hand and, keeping your right leg straight, bring your right foot directly out to …

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