Saturday , June 24 2017
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Audition Footage Of Tubelight Movie Superstar, Matin Rey Tangu


‘Tubelight’ has already hit theatres and is receiving its fair share of praise and criticism. Some are going ga-ga over the film, while some are absolutely disappointed with Salman Khan and director Kabir Khan’s efforts. However, amidst of all this, 8-year-old Martin Rey Tangu is winning thousands of hearts with …

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Riderless Bike Spotted On French Highway


Truth really is stranger than fiction. Last month, a video showing a riderless bike running across a French highway left people baffled. While many assumed it were supernatural forces coming into play, others scratched their heads to solve the mystery of the riderless bike. The video posted by the French …

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Inside A Nuclear Missile Base Video By Cloth Map


Almost every child has grown up watching Disney’s animated feature ‘Aladdin’ and dreamed of owning a Genie who will make all our wishes come true. If not that, we’ve definitely imagined ourselves in Mr. India’s shoes doing all sorts of unimaginable things under the sun. While these thoughts and fantasies …

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Jumanji Sequel Will Feature Tribute To Robin Williams


We don’t think there will ever be a ‘Jumanji’ without Robin Williams.  Being the exceptional actor that Williams was, he turned Alan Parrish into a legendary character, whose power the animal kingdom and the humans believed in. After making us fall in love with the cheeky Mrs. Doubtfire, he stole …

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Wakehurst Parkway, Sydneys Most Haunted Road


While we love to hear ghost stories, we bet, when it comes to visiting a haunted place, many of us would pee in our pants at the mere mention of Rajasthan’s Bhangarh Fort or Pune’s Shaniwarwada Fort. However, if you belong to the adventurous side of humankind, we’re sure that …

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