Thursday , October 19 2017
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Pricey high-tech features define new smartphone wars


The front lines of the battle for smartphone dominance over the coming years have grown clearer after Chinese technology firm Huawei presented an AI-powered phone designed to go head-to-head with Samsung and Apple. Features needed to propel a device into the top end are growing increasingly complex and expensive to …

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The Mitsubishi EMIRAI 4 is a concept car that cares!


The Mitsubishi EMIRAI 4 is a concerted conceptual effort to show that the revolution taking place in the automotive industry should be nothing for drivers to be scared of. If anything, the move to greater autonomy, connectivity and to electrification are all opportunities for drivers to build an even greater …

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Huawei bets on AI phone in challenge to Apple and Samsung


Chinese technology group Huawei unveiled its latest smartphone today, talking up the advanced artificial intelligence capabilities it hopes will cement its place among the world’s three biggest manufacturers. The Shenzhen-based group’s new Mate 10 phone appears just weeks after Apple unveiled its top-of-the-line iPhone X, a timing choice many industry …

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China intercepts invasive beetle species


Updated: Oct 16, 2017, 04:45 PM IST, PTI Authorities in north China’s Hebei Province have intercepted a live invasive beetle found in a shipment of goat skins from New Zealand. This is the first time the species have been detected and seized in China, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. Heteronychus …

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