Friday , December 15 2017
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Student satellite helped solve this major space mystery


A 60-year-old mystery regarding the source of some energetic and potentially damaging particles in the Earth’s radiation belts has been solved, using data from a student operated shoebox-sized satellite. The results indicate energetic electrons in Earth’s inner radiation belt – primarily near its inner edge – are created by cosmic …

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Scientists developing opium seeds to enhance morphine content


Three government-run farm universities in the country are working on developing opium seeds that have more morphine content than the existing ones for medicinal use, said an agriculture scientist. The three varsities are Mandsaur-based K N K College of Horticulture (under Gwalior’s Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia Agriculture University), the Maharana Pratap …

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New Horizons’ next target may have a Moon, says NASA


The next flyby target of NASA’s New Horizons’ mission, which is a peanut-shaped object a billion miles past Pluto, might have company in the form of a small moon, astronomers say. The latest theory on the object named 2014 MU69 comes as New Horizons team continues to analyse telescope data on …

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