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China's New Futuristic LibraryHouses 1.2 Million Books and It Is a Sight To Behold

Answer this question honestly- How many times, in the last few months or even years, have you visited a library? Pretty sure that most of you will have zero as the answer. And before you think that it isn’t a big deal then let us tell you, that it is in fact, unfortunate. Despite having the access to many libraries around us, we never or rarely visit them. And for this, we have the internet to blame.


The moment e-books came into the market, the number of library visitors across the world saw a massive decline. But one thing’s for sure, the pleasure of reading a printed book cannot be compared to reading a book online. And to make sure that people realize this and start going to libraries once again, China has taken a major step. A Dutch firm MVRDV with Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute (TUPDI) designed a 368,000 square-foot library called the Tianjin Binhai library in Binhai district in Tianjin, China. And we assure you that it is unlike any other library you have ever seen in your entire life.


With a futuristic vibe and a pleasant all-white color palette, it’s difficult to get one’s eyes off of this beautiful piece of architecture. The team who designed it sure deserves an award because not only does it look spectacular from the outside,the insides are also one of a kind.



It spans across five floors and features layers upon layers of terraced shelving in a somewhat wave pattern and guess what? They aren’t just restricted to being shelves but also act as platforms, stairs, seats, and mini-gathering areas.


At the center of the library is ‘The Eye’- a mirrored spherical auditorium where visitors can hangout and read their latest pick. If you see it from the outside, it forms the pupil of an eye that appears to peek out from the building.


One of the best part parts of the library, apart from the breathtaking design, is that it can hold upto1.2 million books, stretching all the way up to the ceiling.


The first two floors comprise reading rooms, books, and lounge areas, while the upper floors have meeting rooms, offices, computer and audio rooms, and two rooftop patios.Now a question that kept crossing our minds the moment we saw the photos was how do they access the top most portion of the bookshelves. And the answer to that is that they don’t.


The original design included provisions of small rooms that would be concealed behind the shelves and would provide access to the top shelves. However, due to time constraints, they decided to chuck the idea. So now, perforated aluminum plates printed to represent books have been installed on the upper shelves for aesthetic purposes. Cleaning is done with ropes and movable scaffolding. The firm says they hope that their “full vision for the library may be realized in the future.”If we talk about or rather dream about having something similar in India, one would expect that a structure like this would take at least a decade. But leave it to the Chinese to break records. This library was finished within three years.


 Now go ahead and add to this place to your list of must-visit spots.


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