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PlayStation goes up against Xbox with five-game bundle

The UK arm of Sony console brand PlayStation is dealing with the immediate challenge of Microsoft’s more powerful Xbox One X console by offering a PlayStation 4 Pro bundled with five highly-rated exclusive games.

One regional branch of the PlayStation marque is fending off the Xbox One X by offering gamers a five-game console bundle for the same price as Microsoft’s new super-console.

Priced at £449 ($588 in US dollars) the Only on PlayStation bundle contains five of the PlayStation 4 system’s most highly rated titles from the past nine months.

Franchise spin-off “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy” elevates supporting characters Chloe Frazier and Nadine Ross to action-adventure leads, sci-fi open world romp “Horizon Zero Dawn” and its November 7 expansion “The Frozen Wilds,” glossy motorsport game “GT Sport,” and sci-fi racing compilation “Wipeout Omega Collection” are all part of the deal.

November 2016’s upgraded PlayStation 4 Pro console is also part of the package, offering 4K rendering and better support for the PlayStation VR headset.

The Only on PlayStation bundle, offered through retail store GAME, weighs in at £100 more than a standard UK one-game bundle, whereas purchasing each title individually would work out to an additional expense of $140 ($184 USD.)

In comparison, the £449 Xbox One X ($499 in the US) is acknowledged to be the most powerful games console to date and, in terms of graphical capabilities, offers what Microsoft refers to as “True 4k,” a reference to the PS4 Pro’s various workarounds required to achieve 4K compliance on a lower financial and performance budgets.

The Xbox One X, like the Xbox One S before it, also contains a 4K Blu-Ray player for film fans with collections on disc; Twitter users were quick to remind PlayStation UK of those two differences.

By offering it without any accompanying games, Microsoft leaves retailers free to compile their own bundles, or acknowledges that purchasers are already owners of a standard Xbox One, its 2016 refresh, the Xbox One X, or have access to legacy Xbox 360 games (a selection of which have specific Xbox One X enhancements.)

Yet should those existing owners then sell on their older Xbox Ones, they are still helping to expand the Xbox One’s reach, as the Xbox brand continues in its mission to cover gaming interests on console platforms and Windows 10 computers.

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