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Sony introduces Mini Wired Gamepad for smaller hands

A new PlayStation 4 gamepad is being prepared for launch this Holiday 2017, with size (and some features) squeezed in conjunction with a lower price tag.

Made under license by accessories manufacturer Hori, the PlayStation-branded Mini Wired Gamepad aims to offer nearly all of the same features as its bigger brother, the DualShock 4, with a smaller physical and financial footprint.

The controller is 40% smaller than the DualShock 4 and comes in at $29 USD ($39 CAD), according to PlayStation’s North American news blog.

PlayStation Europe had earlier telegraphed a November 6 launch without supplying a price. It has left and right analogue control sticks, four shoulder buttons, a digital directional pad, and the usual complement of forward-facing buttons. Certain concessions have been made to reduce its size and price tag, leading to the absence of the DS4’s touchpad, stereo headset jack, speaker, vibration function, light bar and motion tracker.

And rather than operating wirelessly, it totes a 10 foot (3 meter) cable for connection to the PlayStation 4. “The mini wired gamepad opens gaming to the whole family,” PlayStation advises, while recommending the controller for use by those aged 6 and older.

Compared to the PlayStation 3’s official controller, the DualShock 3, the PS4’s DualShock 4 did represent an increase in size and weight thanks to a higher midsection and longer, wider grips.

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