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This Man's Creative Fake Ad Is Tempting The World To Buy His Fiancée's 21-Year-Old Car

If you are any other regular bloke and your girlfriend asks you to help her sell her old car with nearly 140,000 miles on it, chances are you will possibly procrastinate for an hour or so, check with your friends if they need it or sell it at a much lesser price.

Well, anyone would do that because chances are quite bleak for such old cars. But, when it came to selling her 1996 Honda Accord, Carrie Hollenbeck whipped out her master card that was until now hidden up her sleeve – her fiancé Max Lanman. 

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Clearly, commercials are the best platform for marketing any product, starting from a mere toothbrush to a luxurious car. Lanman, who is a filmmaker by profession, put this knowledge to practical use by creating a parody ad to sell his fiancée’s old used car.  

With this one ad, Lanman has turned the tables and has redefined creativity for this entire generation, making any leading advertising agency burn with jealousy. With this ad, Lanman also proved how easy it is to fool a person into believing anything and everything that is mentioned in a commercial. The couple listed this hilarious ad on eBay while selling their car, which they have named ‘Greenie’. 

Filmmaker Creates Fake Ad To Sell His Girlfriend's Used Car© YouTube

So did the trick work?

Hell yeah! It not only worked, but even catapulted the biddings, which started at a $499, to thousands. Within the first week, the bidding had reportedly reached $150,000 and the video had nearly 4 million views. Such insane were the number of reactions and bids that eBay had to cancel the listing due to “unusual bidding activity”. 

From the driver putting the key into the ignition, ‘Stuart Little’ the mouse’ nemesis Snowbell the cat keeping the driver company, to a man with a baritone voice (in the backdrop of peppy music) narrating the car’s unique features; this ad was so good that millions of people wanted to take the car home. So, eventually, eBay again decided to help ‘Greenie’ find a new owner and the biddings are said to end soon (possibly by the end of this week).

Lanman reportedly said, “A few years ago, I was driving to Big Sur with my (then) girlfriend Carrie to go camping on Highway 1. While we were traversing gorgeous switchbacks, it felt like (we) were driving in a car commercial and that’s when it hit me that it would be really funny to make a high-end commercial for a crappy car.” Well, Lanman gets full marks for his ingenuity and creativity and making it look like a professional car advertisement. 

An overjoyed Lanman was further quoted as saying, “I’m beside myself. I could never have imagined that this thing that I made with my friends…is now being watched by people all over the world.” 

Filmmaker Creates Fake Ad To Sell His Girlfriend's Used Car© YouTube

The ad further concludes that this car is “for people that have life figured out and just need a way to get somewhere.” Well, such words of wisdom are rare to find these days. Currently, both Lanman and his fiancée might be basking in the new found fame, thanks to Greenie who has been driving them with an almost flat tyre; and they have all the reasons in the world to do that. 

As for Greenie, well if a person gets his morning cup of coffee along with a furry animal to cuddle with inside a car, what more can one possibly ask for! After all, like this fake ad says, “Luxury is a state of mind.”

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