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This Video Urges Us To Change The Air So We Don't Choke On The Smoke This Diwali

We don’t realise how we gamble our lives with all that air pollution around us. The quality of air quality is alarmingly high, and even banning crackers is not helping the deteriorated situation. #changetheair is one such campaign that is urging everyone to start the change around them. This video captures the stark but the sad reality of what life around us has become now.

the good people at Airoshine are using the power impact of social media and trying to make our country a better place for our own good. #changetheair has bee trending on Twitter and many people have joined in to make an impact.

Shiv wants to everyone,to abide by what we share on social media and implement a clean and green Diwali. #ChangeTheAir

— AIROSHINE (@AIROSHINE) October 18, 2017

The ban on crackers has been one of the best moves on the Govt’s part, and we should respect it and it should get implemented.#ChangeTheAir

— AIROSHINE (@AIROSHINE) October 18, 2017

Reducing the impact of the pollutants will take a long time, but the war is half won if people are willing to take the necessary measures and most importantly, say no to crackers on Diwali.

Let the Kids breathe clean air. Say NO to Firecrackers #ChangeTheAir

— AIROSHINE (@AIROSHINE) October 18, 2017


It’s important to start awareness at the most basic level and most importantly it’s vital that the kids around us understand the importance of having a green and a clean Diwali.

Just listen to what this little one has to say. Have a clean and Green Diwali! #ChangeTheAir #RightToBreathe

— AIROSHINE (@AIROSHINE) October 18, 2017

This Diwali , please burn the evil around you, not crackers. This is your country, and it’s your moral responsibility to not only make this land a better place but to give yourself the gift of a healthy life by breathing clean air.

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