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Top 5: Ways to keep yourself safe online

The internet is a great place to meet new people and learn new things but in today’s day and age, it is equally important to be safe. We list down the top 5 tips to help you browse the web more securely and stay safe online: 

1. Create strong passwords

Setting a strong password for your personal accounts is one of the most important and effective thing you can do to stay safe online. The more secure your password, it is more difficult for hackers to infect your system and steal personal data and financial information.

Try opting for password which are at least 12 characters in length and include a combination of numbers, special characters and upper and lower case characters. Most importantly, do not use the same password across different accounts.

2. Use a firewall or an adblocker

Make sure you always use a firewall. A firewall will block unauthorized access to computers and devices. The firewall will ensure that all devices connected to your network are secured.

Adblockers are important too as they make the page load faster and also remove malvertising that keep tabs on your browsing habits.

3. Always use login notifications

Login notifications are a security layer which is used by many websites, including Facebook. If your account is accessed from an unidentified location, a notification is sent via email, app, or text-message to the owner.

4. Use an encrypted connection

Always make sure that you use an encrypted connection when sending sensitive data such as transferring money. For example, ensure the website’s address starts with “https” rather than “http”. Make sure you never enter personal information into an HTTP website as this is not a secure connection.

5. Keep all to date

Make sure your software is always up to date so you can have all the latest security patches. Additionally, make sure that your security software is set to run regular scans too. Also, always back up your data at regular intervals.

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